The RACQ Clubhouse

Extend RACQ’s naming rights partnership of EKKA, Queensland’s largest and most iconic event in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022.

Amplify brand awareness and highlight member benefits, extending RACQ’s naming rights partnership.


GetJackD! Media’s objective was to ensure RACQ, Queensland’s largest club was at the heart of EKKA, therefore, The RACQ Clubhouse was born. A specifically designed and built house under a heritage listed Queenslander was the perfect setting to engage with over 400,000 EKKA patrons over 10 days, across the last 5 years.

GetJackD! Media brought this structure to life, creating multiple activations to highlight 16 member benefits and engage patrons. We conceptualised the space and all activations within it, helped negotiate the central location, liaised with all key stakeholders, oversaw the build of the space creatively and structurally, event managed over the full 10 days and acted as publicists for 105 stage performances. We also created an interactive ‘Beat the Bowser’ competition for PUMA fuel giving away $2,500 worth of fuel vouchers.

In 2019, we extended the inclusions building a bespoke digital memory game, ‘It Pays To Belong’ where fans won prizes from over 16 RACQ partners by matching partner squares to win. We also integrated a Distracted Driver campaign with two driving simulators placed in the space. 604 adults participated delivering over 5,120 mins of fan engagement.

In 2022 the brief was to showcase how membership makes all the difference with RACQ. Drive RACQ Foundation message through a partnership with Australia Zoo and their Wildlife Warriors campaign. We commissioned a Lego Artist to build an RACQ MMC Truck – a key component for RACQ to help rebuild Queensland communities during natural disasters. This Lego piece was composed of over 65,000 Lego pieces.

Personalised Lego figures were sourced and offered for a $2 donation to Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors. The EKKA audience was able to select a head, hair colour, legs (dress or pants) on a preselected torso. People’s names were also printed on their torsos.

All signage highlighted how Membership Makes All The Difference.


“From 2017-2019, 54,500 personalised name plates were created, 105 RACQ partner performances managed, approx. 10,000 Event Cinema movie scenes acted, 200 people played ‘It Pays to Belong’, gave away $5000 in PUMA fuel vouchers with Beat the Bowser, 604 Distracted Driver simulator drives delivering 5,120 mins of fan engagement and 4,500 faces painted.

In 2022 we sold over 9,000 personalised Lego figures with more than $20,000 raised for Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors.”

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