Seqwater Water Promise Pledge

GetJackD! Media responded to a competitive tender to educate the Brisbane EKKA audience on Seqwater, water conservation and encourage all participants to make their Water Promise Pledge to save water.


GetJackD! Media’s awarded concept was to split the space into three key areas to entice and encourage people  to walk through the whole space. Each inclusion was designed to tell a very clear narrative on how to save water. The narrative included:

  • Showing a typical Queensland home and the ‘thirstiest’ indoor and outdoor rooms with simple tips to save water
  • A fun game execution, taking what people had learnt in the home to make their official ‘Water Promise’ Pledge
  • The Seqwater Education Hub, featuring signage of the Seqwater Grid, QUT Game and Water Station

The aim of the space was to place people into real life situations showcasing current in-home water usage and offer tips to save water. We built a front garden, bathroom, kitchen and laundry and signed the walls with key facts and tips on how people could save water in these rooms.

We featured fun photo opportunities throughout, including a rain cloud swing installation in the front garden area and a huge ‘Water Promise Pledge Wall’, encouraging people to make a promise to save water. An iPad was used to collect people’s details and their pledge for online use. To turn this into a tangible execution, participants were given a blue ball (representing a water drop) to throw into a large catch all bucket that dropped into a clear container representing a dam catchment. This catchment highlighted all South East Queensland dam catchments so people could further understand where their water comes from.

One ball represented a person and water drop collecting in a dam, graphically highlighting that if people implement the simple tips provided throughout the space they will save water and increase water supply.


“Unfortunately EKKA 2021 was cancelled due to a COVID-19 Lockdown in Queensland.”